The 5 Best Deep Foot Spa & Bath Reviews | 2024 Guide

Last Updated Feb 16, 2024

By Nancy G

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Do you currently own a shallow foot spa that’s making a mess or too small for your feet? Whether you want to replace your current model or you’re looking for the best deep foot spa, this is the guide for you. There are more advantages to choosing a deep basin foot spa than you might realize.

One major drawback to cheap shallow foot spas is they don’t give the tops of your feet enough love. Additionally, they typically feature bubble massage only, which isn’t powerful enough for most people. By choosing a deep-basin foot bath, you give yourself more options.

A couple of options we love, and we think you’ll love too, are shiatsu massagers and automatic massage rollers. You’ll also find more reliable heating elements in deep models that actually keep the spa water warm.

Deep Foot Spa Reviews

In this section of the guide, I share our individual reviews of each unit. To make your decision even easier, we inspected current info to put together our lists of pros & cons. Once you check out each review, you’ll know for sure which one is the best choice for your home.

1. Kendal FBD2535 Deep Basin Calf and Foot Spa Massager

Of all the models currently available, this all-in-one unit by Kendal is the best overall choice. Of the five models in this guide, this is the top foot bath for large feet. It fits men’s size 16 feet and larger, which is a lot more room than most competing models that fit up to a men’s size 12. Additionally, this model comes up the highest to get your calves and ankles involved along with your feet.

One feature we love – that’s usually hard to find – is a remote control. This eliminates the need for shorter users or the elderly to bend over to adjust the settings in the middle of a massage. A second feature we think you’ll like is the waterfall effect with heat therapy. Compared to units with a stationary heating element and no recirculation, this unit heats the water more evenly and faster.

At the bottom of the basin, there are two automatic massage rollers, point massage nodes, a central pumice stone, and an herb/salt diffuser. The diffuser is great for Epsom salt soaks or soaks with other salts and herbs of your choice. The built-in timer offers up to 60 minutes per session. Several final highlights are the transportation wheels, large handle, and external drainage tube that make emptying the basin a whole lot easier.


  • Includes a remote and LED display with easy-to-read numbers
  • The best choice in our guide for people with large feet
  • Better temperature control and even heating with the recirculating waterfall system
  • Heats water more quickly than units with stationary heaters
  • Deep enough for the calves and lower legs
  • Easy to empty through the external drain hose
  • The massage rollers get the job done
  • Positive reports after 100s of uses


  • The wheels don’t roll well on carpet
  • It may feel a bit narrow to larger folks
  • The pumice stone could be larger and more well-placed

2. Comfortology Deep Foot Spa Massager

The Comofortology model is essentially a smaller version of the Kendal unit, yet it’s still deeper than most foot baths with an 11″ basin height. A couple of features we like more in this unit are the 4 automatic massage rollers compared to 2 in the Kendal, and larger wheels. This unit also features the convenience of a remote to eliminate the need to bend over to adjust the settings on the control panel.

Of all the models currently available, the Comfortology model offers one of the fastest heating times (just 8 minutes) with its recirculating system. The spa water passes through the heating element in the base of the machine before being released at the top to provide a warming waterfall effect. This system also makes it easier to adjust temperatures faster to your liking.

This unit fits up to a men’s size 12 feet compared to size 16 offered by the Kendal. Also, there’s no pumice stone in the base of the Comfortolgy massager. All in all, this unit is better and more affordable for people with small to normal size feet, while the Kendal model is the better choice for people with big feet.


  • Bigger wheels than the Kendal model
  • Heats the spa water the fastest
  • More automatic massage rollers than the Kendal
  • Quiet water pump
  • Recommended for soothing foot bunion issues
  • Easy to drain and clean
  • High-quality materials and a sleek appearance
  • An excellent choice for tired, achy feet after a long day’s work


  • Not the best choice for large feet above men’s size 12
  • No large handle for moving
  • The remote must be pointed directly at the display to function

3. Wahl 04205 Therapeutic Extra-Deep Foot & Ankle Heated Bath Spa

For people who want to buy from a more reputable brand for a lower cost than the units above, the Wahl 04205 costs less at the time of this writing. While you may find that this unit is more reliable and well-built than the two models above, it does have its shortcomings. For one, the massage rollers at the base are not automatic, though, they do have a pleasant texture.

There’s no remote control, LED screen, external drain, or wheels. The good news is there’s an acupoint node at the center of the base that’s good for deep tissue massage treatment. The basin itself is deep enough to submerge the feet, ankles, and lower calves for most people. Additionally, you may find that the power of the bubble massage is more powerful in this unit compared to the others.

The two dials on the machine allow for bubble strength and temperature adjustments. Lastly, compared to machines with more moving parts, you may find that the Wahl 04205 is quieter and won’t disturb you while reading or watching TV. Also, it comes backed by a 1-year warranty from a trustworthy brand.


  • One of the quietest deep foot spas
  • Sold by a reputable company and backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Recommended by people who work on their feet most of the day
  • Excellent for relieving foot pain after strenuous activities and sports
  • The gentle massage rollers are great for soothing sore feet
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Deep enough to submerge the feet and ankles (a good choice for tall people)
  • The heating element works well and consistently


  • Fewer bells & whistles than the two models above
  • No external drain or wheels
  • Bubble massage alone may not be enough for you

4. HoMedics FB-650 Deep Soak Duo Wet/Dry Foot Spa with HeatBoost

Another reliable brand in the foot spa department is HoMedics. I will say that HoMedics and Wahl typically charge more than competitors, but with massagers, most of the time you get what you pay for. One feature that sets the FB-650 apart from the others in this guide is its wet/dry functionality. Most foot spas specifically warn users not to use the unit while dry.

With the FB-650, it’s easy to get your massage on without going through the process of filling the basin and waiting for the water to heat. One feature you’ll surely like is the motorized rollers. Considering that at the time of this writing the HoMedics FB-650 costs a bit less than the Wahl 04205, you may find that the HoMedics spa gives you better value for the money.

The control panel at the front of the unit allows for precise temperature control, waterfall control, and control of the massager rollers. Another advantage of this unit is the large swing handle for easy moving. Two missing features that could make the FB-650 better are an external drain and wheels.


  • Fits a men’s size 12 with some room to spare
  • A good spa for Epsom salt and tea tree oil soaks
  • The option to use the motorized rollers dry for a quick foot massage
  • The massage rollers provide complete foot coverage with minimal movement on your part
  • A sturdy top handle
  • It stands the test of time
  • Recommended for easing everyday foot pain
  • Heats water quickly and evenly


  • No remote, wheels, or external drain
  • The massage rollers may feel a little hard to you
  • The water must be kept at a certain level for all the features to work properly

5. Best Choice Products SKY4602 Portable Heated Foot Bath Spa

Of the five models in this guide, this unit by Best Choice Products is our top cheap deep foot spa pick. You may have already noticed that several vendors are selling this type of unit. We’ve reviewed Best Choice Products in the past and feel comfortable buying from them since they tend to sell the same quality products as competitors for cheaper.

For fans of shiatsu massage rollers, this spa very well could be the pick of the litter. Nearly the entire base is lined with rotating shiatsu rollers that feature massaging nodes for an acupressure effect. In total, there are six motorized rollers, a waterfall shower feature, and an herb/salt compartment. The large LED control panel is easy to read and allows for full customization of each session.

Several convenience features that also make this unit nice are the sturdy top handle, external drain pipe, and full-cover lid when bringing the unit outside of your home. Lastly, the basin is deep enough for most people to completely submerge their feet and part of their ankles. If you prefer a unit that gets your calves involved, it’s best to stick with one of the first two units in this guide.


  • Great value for the money
  • Wheels, top handle, and external drain for easy moving
  • Maintains warm temps well
  • The rain shower feature is very soothing
  • Large enough to fit men’s size 12 feet
  • Lightweight and good for seniors
  • Comparable to using a foot spa at a nail salon


  • The opening may feel small
  • No bubbles
  • Takes longer to heat up than the models above

Bottom Line

These five models are currently the best deep foot spa models on the market, and we made sure to choose a model for every budget. One drawback of deep foot spas that’s worth considering before you buy one is the angle of the basin. Since the back of the basin is at a flat 90º angle, it’s necessary to sit nearly upright. We feel that eventually companies will realize this issue and upgrade the design for a more comfortable experience.

The good news is deep basin models are excellent for soothing feet, ankles, and even the calves with some models. If you’re someone who plays sports or works on their feet, you’ll undoubtedly love the extra coverage provided by a deep model compared to shallow basin models. Finally, be sure to consider which type of massage rollers you prefer before you buy.

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