The 5 Cheapest Foot Spas That Are Totally Worth It in 2024

Last Updated Feb 16, 2024

By Nancy G

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A good foot spa massager doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – or in this case a foot. There’s a lot to be had in the budget foot spa department. Are you someone who works on their feet all day and needs to rest their dogs at night? Perhaps years of hard labor left your feet feeling exhausted. A good way to bring foot therapy into your home for a budget price is to invest in the cheapest foot spa that provides real relief.

In this guide, I share the 5 cheap models that should be on your radar. Along with our picks, I share reviews of each unit to give you a clear idea of what to expect before you buy one. It’s actually quite amazing what’s available for the price of a tank of gas. And just think, that’s gas you won’t have to buy to go to a public spa.

Cheapest Foot Spa Reviews

Below, I share our unbiased reviews of each of the five models in our guide. Plus, be sure to consider the pros & cons of each model. We put together our lists of pros & cons by investigating current info. We also tend to sprinkle in our own thoughts we think you’ll find helpful.

1. Conair Foot & Pedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles (FB27R)

At the time of this writing, Conair’s model FB27R is the cheapest foot spa that’s worth the money. One thing we like a lot is that this is a good deep foot spa that’s also mighty affordable. There are several versions available that feature bubbles, vibration, Conair’s HeatSense, and even lights. The model we’re focusing on here features soothing massaging bubbles, and it includes 3 pedicure attachments.

The attachments are different massage nodes that you attach to the top of the machine between your feet. The different massaging surfaces ensure that you’ll find your favorite of the three. There’s an arch massager, all-purpose massager, and soft-touch massager for delicate feet. Also, you’ll find that the tank is deep enough to feel the massaging effect of the bubbles on the tops and bottoms of your feet.

A couple of final highlights are the non-slip base that keeps the unit in place during use and the toe-touch control button to eliminate the need to bend over. You’ll also like that the unit is lightweight at just 1.1 lbs, and there’s even a heat function that helps to maintain the temp of your spa water.


  • A good massaging foot bath for Epsom salt and essential oil soaks
  • Unbeatable value for the money
  • A great alternative to spa services
  • Approved by both men and women for comfort (up to about size 12 for men)
  • The soothing effect of the bubbles is great for aching feet after sports activities
  • Good for loosening up dry skin and softening calluses


  • Does not heat water, only maintains warm temp
  • It might be too loud for your taste

2. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa (FB-55)

HoMedics is one of our favorite budget foot spa brands, and the Bubble Mate FB-55 is a good choice for people on a budget. Similar to the Conair model above, the Bubble Mate massages feet with soothing bubbles. One key difference between the two models is the included attachments.

The Conair model includes massage attachments, while the Bubble Mate comes with a removable pumice stone. If you’re a fan of exfoliation or suffering from dry, cracked feet, the Bubble Mate may be the better option for you. Once you give your feet some time to soak, the pumice stone makes it easy to exfoliate dead skin without bending over. The convenient toe-touch control button also eliminates the need to bend over.

What we like about the Bubble Mate is the massage nodes at the bottom of the machine. While the massage jets pamper your feet, there’s the option to enhance the soothing effects by rubbing your soles on the raised nodes.


  • Very easy to use and lightweight (good for seniors and the elderly)
  • The bubbles do a great job of soothing achy feet
  • A better choice than the Conair model for callus removal because of the included pumice stone
  • Good for a tea tree oil foot soak
  • Spacious enough for large feet


  • No heat feature
  • The bubbles may feel weak to you

3. Revlon Bubbling Toe Touch Foot Bath (RVFB7033)

Revlon sells another good budget foot spa that’s worth a look. Compared to the HoMedics and Conair models above, you may find that the Revlon spa does a better job of maintaining a warm water temp. You may also like the contoured shape of the base for better arch and heel support.

A key missing feature in the Revlon RVFB7033 is no massage attachment or pumice stone. You’ll also notice that Revlon placed the toe-touch operation button in a less favorable spot at the front of the machine. Similar to the models above, the water jet pattern follows the natural curves of the feet up through to between the toes.

Lastly, the entire base is textured with raised bumps to prevent slipping and to provide some extra relief for tired feet. Keep in mind, this unit is a bit smaller than the models above and not a good choice for men with large feet.


  • Though minimal, it does a better job of retaining warm water temps than the two spas above
  • The bubbles are good for melting Epsom salt faster and increasing circulation
  • Very simple to use for everyone
  • Good value for the money


  • A smaller footbed than the Conair and HoMedics models
  • You may not like the humming sound

4. Hangsun Foot Spa Bath Massager (FM180P)

If you’re willing to go one more rung up the cheap foot spa ladder, Hangsun’s FM180P model is definitely worth a look. One common problem with the spas above is the lack of force. Depending on how much massage pressure you desire, it’s difficult to find good pressure in the cheapest massagers.

This unit by Hangsun features a couple of additional bells & whistles including vibration massage, infrared therapy, and even foot massage rollers at the base. When combined, these options make for a much more therapeutic foot spa session than the models above.

One minor drawback to consider is no toe-touch operation with this model. Instead, you use the dial located at the front of the machine to choose your setting. The good news is there are more options with this machine than simply turning it on and off like the first three units in this guide.

The final consideration is the max recommended massage time of forty minutes per session with this unit. Forty minutes is up to 2X longer than the units above recommend.


  • A total of 40 mini-water jets provides a more soothing massage than the first 3 models
  • Detachable massage rollers, vibration massage, and infrared light therapy features
  • Maintains warm water temps
  • Good value for the money
  • Excellent for soothing foot pain after a hard workout or strenuous activities
  • Plenty of room for large feet
  • Recommended by runners
  • Quiet operation


  • No toe-touch controls
  • You might not be a fan of the removable massage rollers

5. Yosager Foot Spa with Heat

This list wouldn’t be complete without a cheap foot spa that actually heats the bathwater. That’s right, with this model you don’t have to add warm water and hope that it stays warm. Simply add room temp water to this unit and let the spa quickly heat it up for you.

What we like most about this unit, and we think you’ll like too, is that it’s a perfect foot spa for pedicures. It includes some really useful attachments such as the exfoliating loofah disk and soft-touch massager. Yosager even placed the two attachments side by side for a more convenient experience.

Another attachment we really like is the salt & herb diffuser located in the middle of the console. This allows you to add your favorite salts & herbs without worrying about them scattering around the base or making a mess. In total, there are two bubble jets and four shiatsu massage rollers.


  • The heater works well and quickly heats up the water
  • Recommended for people who work on their feet
  • A good foot spa for seniors
  • More pedicure accessories than the other models
  • A good choice for exfoliation
  • The massage rollers feel great and provide a better massage than the first four models in this guide


  • There are fewer mini water jets than the other models
  • People with large feet may not have enough room

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve checked out the 5 cheapest foot spas that we feel are worth the money, are you satisfied? If you’re in the mood for a more luxurious experience, we recommend checking out our top-rated luxury foot spas. There, you’ll find some options that may catch your eye and win you over.

If a cheap foot spa is all you need, the options to look for are:

  • A feature that maintains warm water temps
  • Mini massaging water jets
  • Pedicure accessories such as pumice stones and loofah discs
  • Raised nodes along the base
  • A splash guard and enough depth to ensure you completely submerge your feet
  • An anti-skid base
  • Toe-touch button controls
  • Vibration
  • Massage attachments
  • Infrared therapy

That’s about it. With the right expectations, you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied with the models in this guide. Enjoy!

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